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e-Tax is an electronic platform through which taxpayers can submit VAT, PAYE and Income Tax returns for companies as well as view statements for all tax types administered by the SRA and log queries online.  This platform is a live feed into the SRA Revenue Management System (RMS).
All an e-Tax registered taxpayer needs is internet connectivity; and by accessing the SRA website for a link to e-Tax. Alternatively, by clicking on this link,, the taxpayer is able to logon, file, submit and view returns, log queries and view statements.
Currently, the facility allows VAT Return filing, submission of PAYE monthly declarations, viewing of returns and submission of enquiries, only.
In this platform, taxpayers’ information is electronically encrypted using the most secure and stable technology.
  • More efficient administration – input by taxpayers is direct into the SRA Revenue Management System therefore minimizing the number of input errors, and shortens processing cycle.
  • This platform assist by ensuring that the tax computation per return is  correct;
  • It is a paperless platform, with submissions being instant and reliable;
  • e-Tax is conveniently available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore making compliance and meeting of deadlines easier for taxpayer.
  • Taxpayers can check the date and time of submission.
  • Taxpayers are able to view a full history of ALL return submissions for all tax types.
This facility is being developed in phases and will eventually cover all tax types administered by SRA including filing of Individual Income tax returns. Once fully rolled-out, information on actions on a return, taxes due, the status of a return and any other relevant information will be conveniently available.
Taxpayers can register with SRA for e-Tax by completing the e-Tax registration application form which is obtainable at SRA Service Centres or downloaded here.
It is important to indicate for which tax type the platform will be used and whether different sets of login details will be required for each function.
The completed application form may be submitted to the nearest SRA Service Center or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the following attachments:
  1. A letter from the applying organization giving authority to the appointed user;
  2. A certified copy of the appointed user’s I.D.
On registration, a USERNAME and PASSWORD is issued to the taxpayer for use when logging-in to the system (Please expect a waiting period of at most 7 working days after submission of the application form and the necessary attachments). Once registered, taxpayers can access e-Tax and enjoy convenient compliance.
There is a video tutorial which provides step-by-step instructions on how to file and submit enquiries online. The video will be further developed as the e-Tax scope is broadened.
The SRA Contact Centre is available at or on telephone number 24064050 to assist taxpayers who may decide to call or e-mail for assistance. Alternatively, taxpayers may visit the nearest SRA Service Centre.


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Provisional Tax:

1st payment is due no later than 31st December

2nd payment is due no later than 30th June

3rd payment is due on receipt of Notice of Assessment after having submitted Income Tax returns

Remittance of PAYE:

No later than the 7th every month

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