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1. Duties of the Internal Affairs Division:

The Internal Affairs division is a Division within the SRA that reports to the office of the Commissioner General. It is responsible for:

a) Detecting and Investigating issues of integrity and unethical behavior including allegations of fraud, corruption and all acts of dishonesty & misconduct occurring and involving personnel of the Swaziland Revenue Authority;

b) Undertaking staff and public awareness or educational initiatives on issues of cus fraud, corruption and any unethical behavior relating to SRA activities; and

c) Carrying out oversight tasks. These are good governance principles furthering the culture of transparency and accountability. Towards these, the division enforces and monitors the staff gifts declaration, background checks or vetting exercises and declaration of assets, liabilities and income by staff.


2. Reporting Inappropriate Behaviour

Any instances or information coming to the knowledge of SRA employees or taxpayers / public on fraud, corruption, nepotism, embezzlement, theft, maladministration, misconduct,  or any act that may constitute a criminal or disciplinary offence or may be prejudicial to the interests of SRA, should be reported.


3. Procedures for reporting to the Internal Affairs Division:

Anyone reporting a matter to the unit may choose to remain anonymous; all information received will be handled in utmost confidence. Where possible, feedback on information received will be given.

Write to Private Bag 5628 Mbabane.

Call 2404 8549; 24048449 or 7606 3090 

Fax to 24048449

Toll free number 8008000.

The hotline was set up so that the general public and SRA staff be able to report issues of fraud corruption and misconduct.(Leave a message after the beep specifically mentioning   the name of the officer involved, place and date on which incident happened.  If you desire to give more details or you are in possession of documents relevant to the matter, kindly leave your contact details).

Email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Provisional Tax
1st Payment due no later than 31st December 2nd Payment due no later than 30th June 3rd Payment due on receipt of Notice of Assessment after having submitted Income Tax Returns
Submission of Income Tax Returns
No later than the 31st October every year
Submission of Salary Reconciliations
No later than the 30th September every year
Remittance of PAYE
No later than the 7th every month